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Fake gold! Gas station gold scam!

Just a friendly PSA…. Do NOT buy rings like these. They are all the same style… shield band, 18kt marked on the back of the face. THEY ARE FAKE. We see multiples of these a day and have to break the news to customers they are not real!

It’s called gas station gold. A person will approach you, most of the time they will have kids with them to really guilt you. They will say they really need to get out of town and ask you for $50 to a couple hundred. It seems like a steal of a deal, BUT ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

If you are ever unsure bring it to us before you hand over money and we will tell you if it’s real or not. That way you’re not out of any money. Or tell the scammer “let’s test it at the pawn shop before I buy it”, that will scare them away.

Hy and Mike’s Pawn

505 s redwood road,

Salt Lake City, Utah 84104


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